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Dr. José Gregorio Hernández was born in the Andean state of Trujillo on Oct. 26, 1864, and spent much of his life in Caracas, where he studied and practiced medicine. He was well-known as a holy, devout, charitable man, and is known as “the doctor of the poor” because he routinely treated needy patients for free.

Hernández died on June 29, 1919, after leaving the nearby pharmacy where he stopped to buy medicines, because his patient did not have the means or resources to obtain them. In a rush to deliver the medicine, he did not see a car taking the curve at full speed and was struck. The impact threw him into the air and his head hit the edge of the sidewalk. Before dying, he was only able to cry out, “Santísima Virgen

After his death, Hernández' stature began to reach mythic proportions. People around the country started claiming to have been granted miracles after praying for his intercession to God. José Gregorio is usually depicted dressed in a black suit with a high-brimmed felt hat and a mustache, his hands behind his back. His remains are held at La Candelaria church in central Caracas.

O Lord my God, almighty! That you have so blessed your beloved servant Jose Gregorio, and that by your great mercy you have given him the power to heal the sick and help the needy, grant him, Lord, the grace to heal me as a spiritual doctor of my soul and my body, if he has to be for your glory. I ask this, my Lord, on behalf of your beloved son who recommended these beautiful teachings to us. "Ask and it will be given to you. Everyone who asks receives. But ask in faith. All that you ask the father in my name he will grant to you." Grant us these graces that we need in the name of our Lord who taught us to pray.

iOh Senor Dios mio, todopoderoso! Que tanto has bendecido a tu amado siervo Jose Gregorio, y que por tu gran misericordia le has dado el poder de curar enfermos y socorrer a los necesitados, concédele Senor la gracia de curarme como medico espiritual de mi alma y de mi cuerpo, si ha de ser para tu gloria. Te pido esto Senor mio en nombre de tu amado hijo quien nos recomendaba estas bellas enseñanzas "Pedid y se os dará. Todo el que pide recibe. Pero pedid con fe. Todo lo que pidiereis al padre en mi nombre os concedera." Concedenos estas gracias que necesitamos en nombre de nuestro Senor quien nos enseño a orar

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